Linode Mumbai Data Center Now Open

July 17, 2019 10:00 am

We’re proud to announce the opening of our newest data center: Mumbai, India. Home to more than 5 million software developers, India is one of the world’s fastest growing developer and technology regions, and our most requested international data center location.

Linode Mumbai is our 10th global data center and was built with all our latest server builds, Next Generation Network (NGN), and global fiber backbone. Customers in India and the wider developer community can now benefit from reduced latency and improved performance by running workloads close to home.

Linode Mumbai cloud services are available at the same low, flat, and transparent price as our other data centers — making it easy to migrate from any of our other locations. Core Linode features and services are now available, with plans to expand available products and NGN improvements to the Indian market in the coming months.


Ashwin Kumar is Linode’s Director of Data Centre and Cloud Operations in Mumbai, responsible for supporting the delivery of Linode’s cloud infrastructure for our regional customers.

Customers with Linodes in other data centers who want to migrate to Mumbai can find information on cloning here. Cloning lets you stage your services on a new IP address before changing your DNS records. You can also open a support ticket if you need help with the migration. For new Linodes, simply choose “Mumbai” as the location when creating your cloud instance.

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  1. This is Great! Will Linode provide a GST Invoice for Indian Customers?

  2. Manish: Yes, collection of GST will begin for services used in September. This will show up either in a mid-month bill in September, or on your October 1st invoice.

  3. Thanks for India location. We are eagerly waiting for the same!

  4. Hi,

    The Pricing includes GST amount or we will required to pay Node fee+GST for Droplets created in Mumbai Location?


  5. Finally, our wait is over. Thanks for this launch, really appreciated.

  6. Aryan: Our pricing does not include GST, so you would be charged the price for your Linode + the GST amount. However, if you provide a valid GST ID number in your account contact information ( > Click the ‘Update Account Information’ dropdown > enter your GST number in the ‘Tax ID’ field), you would not be charged GST on subsequent invoices, once your GST ID is verified. Note: You can also specify a GST ID in our account signup form when you first create your Linode account.

  7. Thanks for the clarifications about GST.

    Will the billing happen in INR equivalent or still in USD?

  8. linadm: USD

  9. And the moment I am longing for a France located DC, it appears in India 😀
    Way to go Linode. Keep growing!

  10. @Joe Cardillo, thanks for clarifying the billing would still be in USD.

    One more question – I assume that the Linodes must be deployed in Mumbai to benefit from the GST?

  11. What is the capacity of the Data Center ?
    How many racks ?

  12. Sensiva: We definitely plan to keep growing! We’ve made a note of your interest in a DC in France. Thanks for letting us know 🙂

  13. linadm: No problem! To clarify, if you are based in India and have a billable service with us (Mumbai or anywhere else in the world) you’ll be charged GST (unless – as previously mentioned – you provide a valid GST/Tax ID number in your account contact information). Also, we’ll be reaching out to all of our customers in India with full details on GST before we start collecting.

  14. Mumbai, India is a great location for linode to keep expanding

    Congratulations on the great work that you do

  15. Abdul: While we can’t disclose the exact number of racks in the DC, we do have plenty of availability to deploy any size plan you need (except GPU plans, which are not available in Mumbai yet).


  16. Can I migrate to Mumbai to Mumbai. I think I am using SG right now.

  17. We need other one in south america please!
    But congratulations for Mumbai Datacenter.

  18. Nice, congrats guys

  19. Mahendra: Yes, there are two options: First, if you’d like to keep your Singapore Linode while you test things in Mumbai, we’d recommend cloning your Linode. If everything looks good after cloning, then you could delete your Singapore server.

    If you’re confident you’d like to make the switch without cloning, you can open a Support ticket requesting the migration from Singapore to Mumbai and we’ll be happy to set this up for you.

    (Note: your IP address would change when switching data centers.)

  20. We need more feedback like this. Thanks Nicolas! We’ve added your request for a South American Datacenter to our internal tracker. Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see from us anytime.

  21. Thank you Linode for another node in Asia 😀 keep going on and provide us best services 🙂

  22. At my day job, I’m currently working on migrating over several commercial web services and APIs from that grotesque, slave driving bookstore. It seems like we’ve decided on using Linode, which is fun, because I’ve used your services for personal and freelance projects for 10 years now.

    Your Frankfurt DC seems very well connected, but do you have plans for more European data centers, say, in the Nordics?

  23. We don’t have any announcements to make on future DCs in Europe at the moment, though we’re always keeping track of requests for additional DC locations. (I’ve just added yours.) We appreciate you letting us know you’re interested in this.

  24. Need a DC in Sri Lanka

  25. Shonal: Thanks for letting us know you’re interested in this. We’ve made note of your request for a DC in Sri Lanka.

  26. thanq

  27. This is very good news. I just sign up Linode (Singapore DC) and the speed is amazing. Imagine now the datacentre will be in Mumbai..?? Lucky me 😉

  28. Congrats. Been waiting for this moment. Regarding GST, if we provide GST details, does that mean we have to pay GST to govt. with reverse charge? Is your GST registered as Indian entity or as foreign company registered?

  29. Ajay: Thanks! Yes, if you provide your GST ID in the ‘Tax ID’ field in the Account > Billing section of Cloud Manager, once verified you would not be charged GST by us on subsequent invoices.

    Also, we are foreign company registered.

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