Updated CentOS Filesystem

September 15, 2004 7:02 pm

Brought CentOS up to date. -Chris

Updated Gentoo Linux 2004.2 Filesystem

6:26 pm

Brought Gentoo up to date, to 2004.2 profile. -Chris

Fedora updated to Fedora Core 2 (FC2)

September 14, 2004 4:46 am

I’ve updated the Fedora distro for Fedora Core 2. The minimum size increased a little bit to 630MB. If you plan on using this with a 2.6 kernel, make sure to “mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled” until UML fully supports NPTL. [img]http://fedora.redhat.com/images/header-fedora_logo.png[/img] -Chris