Updated Gentoo Linux 1.4 Filesystem

February 27, 2004 1:11 am

FS is up to date as of today (27 Feb 2004 00:12 ET). Added vi[m] and screen. The minimum image size is now 900 MB, but the FS actually has only 750 MB used with a full /usr/portage sync. I ran into the “maximum number of files” limit with the image less than 900 MB. […]

IMPORTANT: Hurricane Electric Caching Nameservers

February 18, 2004 2:32 am

This applies to customers on host9 through host16:[/size] Hurricane Electric has informed me that this [b]Friday, February 20th[/b], ns1.he.net will be set to no recursion, meaning it will only answer DNS queries for domain zones HE’s dns servers are authorative for. Also, ns2.he.net and ns3.he.net have already been turned off. Linode.com’s DHCP servers have been […]

50% more Disk Space now Standard on all Packages

February 11, 2004 1:57 am

50% more Disk Space now Standard on all Packages[/size] [b]Standard plans now include:[/b] Linode 64 w/ 3072 MB (3 GB) Linode 96 w/ 4608 (4.5 GB) Linode 128 w/ 6144 MB (6 GB) Linode 192 w/ 9216 MB (9 GB) Linode 256 w/ 12288 MB (12 GB) Check the [url=http://www.linode.com/products/linodes.cfm]products[/url] page for more information. [b]Retro-active […]